Waldemar Women's Week is an annual event that started with Marsha Elmore and Carolyn Wheat back in 1981. They got together and wanted to have a camp for adults.

During this week the mind, body and spirit are renewed through the many classes and programs offered. A camper of all ages (25 to 85) may sign up for any of these activities: Trail rides on horseback, Canoe trips on the Guadalupe River, Archery class, Dancing, Golf, Yoga, Metal and Jewelry, Swim exercise, Personal Training Classes, Spa Treatments, and enlightening sessions morning, noon and night.

WWW has offered several unique craft classes over the years. The ladies have had the opportunity to make glass jewelry, design horsehair onto pottery, work in ceramics, make feather arrangements, bead, sketch with pen and ink, designs t shirts & silk scarves, take watercolor classes, and more. On a more intellectual level we've offered classes in digital photography, graphology, fung shui, auto mechanics, and even learned about cosmetic surgery. We've had several successful book authors educate and come play with us as well as speakers from all across the world. 

Our evening themed parties are very creative! We decorate for the themes and provide the appropriate musical entertainment so the ladies can feel like they are truly experiencing what the invitation suggests. Their imaginations are beyond belief!

We usually host over 100 women at this event, some coming for two nights and some for five nights. Joy and laughter is guaranteed! If you've never tried WWW, Come on! You deserve it! We try to host this event the last weekend in September every year. 

Sign up early, the Kampongs do get full!


2021 WWW

Tuesday, September 21st-

Sunday, September 26th

Contact Us

Bring a friend and have the best time of your life at the greatest place on earth. Write us if you would like an invitation to our next WWW event. We would love to add some new names to our database.

Maribel Garcia Quiñones

(830) 238-4821 ext. 230



"I just want to thank you and everyone at Waldemar for all your hard work in creating a beautiful retreat once again! It really warmed my heart to see so many familiar faces! Wow! Pretty magical!"