Our two traditional Waldemar terms are referred to as First Term and Second Term. Each of these 30-day terms is offered to girls going into 4th-11th grades. Most of our campers start at a young age and continue to build upon their camping experience until they reach their final year when they are known as "Hilltoppers."

On the first night a girl attends long term, she draws for her camp tribe. Whether she draws Aztec, Comanche, or Tejas, she will continue to be a member of this tribe throughout her camping years. In everything she does- from her table manners and cleanliness in her cabin to how well she participates in her classes- she will earn points for her tribe.




At the end of the camp term, there is a final program during which awards are given in many of the classes to the most skilled and most improved participants. At this time, the much anticipated winner of the tribal plaque is announced. Points from kampong inspection, table grades, class participation, medals awarded field day victories, and many others all contribute to this ultimate prize.

The camp term also concludes with the naming of the Ideal Waldemar Girl. This is usually a Hilltopper who has been voted on anonymously by the counselor staff because she best lives up to the ideals of Waldemar. Being named Ideal Waldemar Girl is the highest honor a girl can receive during her camping years.

Each camper lives in a "kampong" (a South Sea Island word meaning house on stilts) with a kampong family of seven campers and one counselor. The cabins feature private bathrooms with a shower. All lodging is air-conditioned.

The girls register for their own activity schedule from our more than 30 activities available. Much like a college course schedule, they participate in up to 12 activities total with six on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and another six on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. We encourage the girls to take a variety of classes in land sports and water sports, as well as theater and arts (non field day sports) so they have a balanced schedule and can have an opportunity to make more points for their tribe.

At night, the girls participate in a variety of scheduled activities that include enjoying picnics and movies under the stars, climbing their sacred tribal hills, dancing with Camp Stewart boys, participating in kampong skits and tribal competitions. In addition, there are two field days during the term. During each field day, each camper will participate in at least one and as many as three activities to earn points for her tribe. In the Arts, the campers try to earn 2 points for a silver medal and 3 points for a gold medal. 


In 1991 Waldemar decided to expand upon its fine tradition of camping excellence by inviting younger girls to attend an abbreviated session. With the Short Term session, Waldemar hosts around 200 plus young girls, ages 7-10 (entering 2nd - 5th grade), for an introduction to staying away from home for just under a week. The Short Term in no way means they will be automatically invited to long term. There is a wait list for both camps and are invited by city quota as well as grade and application date. 

During the 6 day/ 5 night term, girls participate in many of the same activities and programs that are offered during the long-term. There are 20 classes offered in land sports, water sports, arts & crafts, as well as the unique Waldemar classes like Trick roping, Jr Chorus and Adventure Hour.

Just as long-term girls are members of "tribes" while at camp, so, too, are the younger girls who attend Short Term.  Instead of tribes they are in divisions by grade. The 2nd and 3rd graders are part of the Jackrabbit division and the 4th and 5th graders are part of the Coyote division. The Short Term divisions compete for 'the Best Kampong' in hopes of perfecting their personal record cards and by winning points in various 
competitions. Some times the award is not for the most athletic girl in the group; it is for attitude and kindness. 


Interested in enrolling your daughter to Waldemar? Download, fill out and mail the application and we will contact you with more information.