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Parent Info

-Our 2021 summer season will be ever fluid. Adjustments to our program will be made up until arrival day according to the CDC guidelines and our governor. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to our COVID page and our bulletin. Thank you!-


Frequently asked questions and answers are offered below. If you need more guidance please contact us at

Camper Arrival-First Day at Waldemar

*Transportation for 2021 TBA* The first day at camp is an exciting one! (You might even see George Anne jump 5 feet in the air when the campers arrive!) When the girls come off their buses, they are welcomed and directed over to tables where they receive their nametags, kampong assignment, and first table seating. We have many counselors at the welcome tables anxious to direct the girls to their kampongs and help carry their belongings. Once they get to their new home for the summer, their counselors welcome them in and help them make their beds and get acquainted with their kampong mates. SHORT TERM: Upon arrival at Short Term the girls make their bunks & get a walking tour of the camp with their kampong-mates. After a good meal, campers participate in division night that consists of fun games for each grade. FIRST AND SECOND TERM: The first night of First and Second Term is a special night that a Waldemar camper will remember for the rest of her life, tribal drawings. Each new camper draws for her camp tribe: Aztec, Comanche, or Tejas. She will continue to be a member of this tribe throughout her camping years. In everything she does, from her table manners and cleanliness in her cabin, to how well she participates in her classes, she will earn points for her tribe.

Baggage & Shipping Trunk

Baggage All baggage, including duffel and trunk, can be transported on the bus, however, due to limited space on the buses and in kampongs, please abide by the following specifications. Trunks should not be over 15" tall. It is mandatory to utilize the Waldemar duffel (unless you are a Short Term camper, in which you can use any size duffel) along with the appropriate sized trunk. Please let us know if you already own a Waldemar duffel. Carry-on luggage is limited to a small tote or backpack. Upon arrival, campers often cannot identify their own baggage. Help us by doing the following: 1. Acquainting your daughter with the appearance of her baggage and the number of pieces she is bringing. 2. Having her full name painted on the outside of the trunk lid and attaching a luggage tag that clearly has her name on the XL black duffel. They all look the same! 3. Using bag tags provided by your. Contact the office if yours are not in this mailing. 4. Removing any old tags and names from all pieces. Shipping My Camper's Trunk Trunks may be sent on the bus or they may be shipped to Camp Waldemar the week before camp begins. The address for shipping is : Camper Name Camp Waldemar 1005 FM 1340 Hunt, TX 78024
Waldemar is fortunate to have men deliver your luggage to your kampongs. With this in mind, campers for Short Term are asked to pack in a trunk and medium duffel. You can put linens in a laundry bag. For Long Term we will deliver a trunk and large duffel (the XL Gear bag provided to you the first year of camp).
If you want to ship trunks and duffels home, you must complete the shipping information with UPS or FED EX and bring the shipping label with you at the end of camp.

Bus to Camp

*Transportation for 2021 TBA*

Putting your camper on the bus is an exciting and nervous step. They are beginning their journey to a very special summer experience. This experience begins when they say goodbye to you and step on that bus. We can assure you that they are in great hands. On each bus, we have excited and prepared chaperones that will make the journey with them. New friends are made, old friends are reconnected and the summer begins.

There are specific pick up locations that your child will need to be at on the day of departure, depending on where you live. Waldemar contracts with a number of charter bus companies that will bring all the campers from your area to Waldemar. You will be notified by your city"s representative as to what time and where to meet to get on the bus. At the end of camp, you will travel to Waldemar for a two day closing where you will be invited to ceremonies, field day, and our final awards program. Hilltopper parents are invited to camp as early as Wednesday night for the Sr Drama performance.

Letters & Packages

Address for letters to camp should include: The camper's name Kampong name Camp Waldemar 1005 FM 1340 Hunt, TX 78024 Campers love to get mail. . .and it is important that letters be written to promote happiness. Sometimes a touch of homesickness can be traced to the wrong kind of letter from home. You should receive some mail from her while she is at camp. If you do not, please notify her counselor or the director. The small Hunt post office does not adjust overnight to the heavy summer traffic, so at the beginning of camp the mail may be very slow. Postal Policiy 1. All boxes of any size will be verified upon delivvery. If a package is delivered to camp and is not exempt, *as noted below, it will be returned to the sender. 2. In case of a special situation or need, please contact George Anne or Robin. The only mailed packages allowed will be birthday package and a first year camper packaged with the designated sticker. All campers may receive only one pre-ordered packaged from the Camp Store. Please inform families and friends of this policy.

Leaving Camp

*2021 campers will not be premitted to leave camp unless accompanied by a Waldemar staff member for doctor's appointments, medical emergencies, or camp sponosered trips.* Short Term Waldemar campers do not leave the camp grounds until camp is over, unless they have a doctor's appointment and always accompanied by a Waldemar staff member. Any intention of her being picked up during the camp session needs to be approved by the director. Long Term Waldemar campers do not leave the camp grounds except for camp sponsored trips. This means that parents do not take campers out of camp when they are here for the closing activities. Campers earn points for days in camp which contribute to earning their All-Star medal and tribal plaque points. Choosing to leave camp before the conclusion of the Final Program will result in loss of her All Star. Leaving is up to the discretion of the directors. Any camper missing* more than:

  • 3 days (72 hours) of camp will not be eligible for tribal office and possibly war canoe.
  • 4 days (96 hours), she will not have earned her All-Star and her record card points.
  • A week (168 hours) she would be eligible to come to camp.
*If your daughter must miss anytime at camp, it is imperative that you send us something in writing to Robin and George Anne BEFORE her camp term arrival, advising us of the dates that she will be gone.

Religious Services

The camp's non-denominational religious service will be held in Tejas Chapel every Sunday at noon. All campers and counselors are required to attend. Catholic Mass is conducted by a visiting priestwhen available or a local Eucharistic minister for Catholic campers and staff.


The laundry is picked up by a commercial laundry service each Monday and is returned on Thursday or vice versa. Each piece of clothing must be marked in a conspicuous place with the child*s full name. (On shirts at the neck; on pants and shorts in the waistband; on flat pieces in a corner.) Printed names should be put in any clothing you bring or send to camp. This is very important! Please put your daughter's first and last name on the outside of her laundry bag. In case of loss, all marked items can be easily identified and returned. Mark everything! Including tennis rackets, helmets, etc. Waldemar will not be responsible for damage or loss, therefore, please do not send expensive or delicate clothing.

Birthdays at Camp

The birthday girl is announced at Reveille. Birthday calls may be made at certain times of the day: Short Term 7:30 am, 1:00 pm, 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm Long Term 8:00 am, 1:05 pm, 2:05 pm and 7:00 pm Only a parent or a grandparent may call their campers on their birthday. The birthday girl is called to the office at this time to speak with a loved one. Birthday cake is served to the table where the camper is seated so everyone at their table can celebrate too. The camper may request if she wants chocolate or vanilla cake. It's such fun to have a birthday here. The birthday girl is the center of attention all day!


It is not uncommon for children to express that they are homesick. This is totally normal. There are those of us who feel that we are experts at counseling homesick children. We understand that for the new campers being away from mom and dad brings up a lot of feelings and emotions. They are running, playing, making new friends and navigating new experiences. All which are new and can be overwhelming.

Please remember that if this should happen to your child it is important for you to stay positive and encourage her that these feelings are normal and once they get back into their camp schedules etc.. the feelings of being homesick will go away quickly. Try and refrain from making deals to pick him/her up early. This can undermine the sense that you have full confidence in your child*s ability to cope with and manage these very normal feelings.

We are here for you and your child. If we hear from you that you are receiving letters of sadness, once we talk to your child we will try to let you know when your camper is back in the swing of things so you can sleep easy. It is stressful on all, but kids tend to move past these moments quickly. Together, we will make this transition easy and positive.

Medical Services

Medical Services Camp Waldemar provides the following safe guards for the camper's health: 1. Camp-partnered pediatricians in Kerrville 2. 2 Camp RNs in residence 24/7 3. 1-2 Nurse Assistants in residence 24/7 4. Transportation to doctor appointments, Urgent Care, and the ER, if/when needed. About our Waldemar Nursing Staff: we are very pleased to share that our camp nurses are highly qualified Registered Nurses. 95% of our nursing staff has a BSN in addition to being a RN, and 100% of our staff has at least 3 yrs+ working solely within the pediatric population. When not at camp, all of our nurses work as full-time RNs providing care to children in both out-patient and in-patient settings *2021 lice check process TBA* Lice continues to be an ongoing problem in the camping industry. To prevent the spread of lice at our camp we check each individual, campers and staff, upon arrival. We use Lice Clinices of America (See Our Resources Page). If lice are detected you will be contacted for a verbal approval for the treatment which costs $250.00 per child. Treatment is necessary for your daughter to remain at camp. To avoid this cost, we suggest you check your daughter before departing for camp and have her treated at home if lice are dectected. The cost for a pre-approved lice check is $25 per child. There are locations in San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Fort Worth. If lice has been detected and treated at home the week prior to arrival, Waldemar needs to be contacted so we can monitor it and prevent sharing the lice.


Waldemar will only administer doctor prescribed medications. Of note: if your child takes medication to assist her with control of ADD/ADHD, we ask that if at all possible you plan to continue the medication while she is at camp. We ask this due to the busy schedule all our campers enjoy. This schedule, while fun-filled, requires attention, the need to stay on-task, and the ability to focus. If you would like to discuss this subject further, please feel free to reach out to our office.

If your child will need to take an over-the-counter medicaiton daily while at camp, you will be required to send a full month supply. However, if she will only need the otc medication occasionally when her problem arises, she will not need to bring the medication with her to camp.

We would also like to advise that we will no longer be accepting 'as needed' medication for camper IF it is a medication that we keep stocked in the health lodge. We will be providing a list of all medications that will be stocked for the 2021 season, and we ask that you do NOT send those medications. They will be mailed back to to the camper's home address at the expense of the parent.

Waldemar takes pride in serving well-balanced, nutritious, and truly delicious meals. For this reason, we ask that you not send vitamins with your daughter to camp. The only exception being if your daughter was prescribed/instructed by a medical professional to take vitamins for a medical illness/ailment. Please be aware if vitamins are sent without a prescribing physician listed on the Medication section of the health history form they will be mailed back to the camper’s home address at the expense of the parent.

Get Unplugged

Enjoying the experience of Waldemar means spending time with friends, staying involved in all that camp has to offer, and unplugging from the world. Campers are allowed to bring electronics that do not connect to the Internet. Remember plugs are limited; so minimize your chargeable items. Unacceptable, anything with internet capabilities including: Laptop computers, iPads, cell phones, gameboys, play station portables, digital cameras, camcorders, iPods/mp3 players with photo/video/or slideshow capabilities, PDA blackberry. Acceptable Electronics: iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano (7th or 8th Generation), and Kindles or E-Readers. Parents, please make sure these items CANNOT connect to Wifi or wireless networks. Electronics will be turned in to the office if they do NOT abide by the rules. If you are unsure about what to bring or not, please contact the office. Let’s start a new streak. . .grab your paperback book, throw on your analog watch, focus your disposable/ Polaroid camera and leave your valuables at home!

Waldemar Honor Code

A very important part of Waldemar's success is the pledge we all make to uphold the Waldemar Honor Code

  1. Attitude: Uphold Waldemar Ideals, including sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation, and abiding by the rules and traditions of Waldemar.
  2. Food: No food, drinks, candy or gum shall be eaten except as served by the camp.
  3. Cell Phones: Cell Phones are prohibited.
  4. Smoking and Vaping: Smoking or possession of tobacco products, i.e. cigarettes, e cigarettes, juuls, are prohibited.
  5. Alcohol or Drugs: Use or possession of alcohol or drugs is forbidden.

Waldemar has the right to search personal contents at any time. Breaking the Honor Code may lead to loss of points on a camper's record card, loss of her All-Star, and possible dismissal from camp.

Kampong/Tribal Gifts

NO KAMPONG OR TRIBAL GIFTS Near the end of camp, your daughter may write you urging you to send or bring kampong gifts or t-shirts. Please refrain from such gifts! This includes gifts for the entire tribe, such as Pep Rallies. We would like spirit tags, etc. to be made and distributed by the campers.


In addition to letters, we invite parents and grandparents to purchase email credits to send emails to campers. (More information on how to do this will be sent in the spring mailings) Please note, we do filter emails for G-rated language and content. Those deemed inappropriate or containing foul language are "reviewd" and will be charged to the sender and will NOT be delievered to the campers.In appropriate emails will be sent home to parents. Because the majority of improper emails we have received in years past are sent by a camper siblings, friends, boyfriends and peers, we ask that ONLY parents, grandparents, and aunts be given the email system access code.

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