Marsha Elmore was a camper at Waldemar in the 50's and later returned to Waldemar as a counselor during her college years.  After Marsha returned as a counselor for the second time in the 70's, she and her husband Dale bought the camp in 1979 from the Johnson family.  Marsha grew up in Beaumont, Texas and attended Beaumont High, then attended Sullins and graduated from Southern Methodist University.  She married Dale Elmore in the early 60's and had three children, Teak, Meg, and Josh. In 1979, her father Dr. Dudley English and the family moved to Camp Waldemar from Beaumont. Alongside Dale, they lead Waldemar together until 2012 when Dale passed away.  Their daughter, Meg Elmore Clark, took over as director in the summer of 1999 through summer 2008. In Fall of 2008, Meg and her family moved on to pursue additional camping endeavors and her mother Marsha gladly assumed the responsibilities of director for summer 2009 and now co-directs long terms with George Anne. Joined by most of her family, her son Teak Elmore, her sister Linda Pipkin and nieces Liz Pohl, Laura Pipkin, and Catherine Pickens, it is truly a family affair!


She is a lifelong cowgirl and loves riding horses and traveling with her Hats On Gang to this day.  She is an accomplished painter and sculptor and many of her pieces can be seen gracing the grounds of Waldemar. There is not much that Marsha can not do.  She is an avid sports woman and enjoys many activities including tennis, fishing, hiking, sailing, hunting and pickle ball.  She has designed and built homes and is quite handy with tools and machinery.  The Elmore family strives to continue the traditions set forth by its founder Ora Johnson in 1926.

Email: marsha@waldemar.com

Phone: (830) 238-4821 ext. 225

Teak Elmore, Marsha and Dale's eldest son, holds the official title of General Manager.  He is a man of many talents and his involvement with camp spans more than 35 years. He is an accomplished artist, designer and builder.  Many of the structures around camp including the new office, the Playhouse, Las Brisas and the front gate were designed and built by Teak and his Waldemar crew. He and Marsha have worked hard to maintain the style and quality left by the legacy of the Johnsons and Ferdinand. 

With this backdrop at his disposal since he was 17, he finds much of his inspiration and spiritual value from this little piece of heaven. 

Teak attended Colorado College and The University Of Texas, where he earned his degree in Liberal Arts, Finance and Real Estate.  He is a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker and has served on many boards throughout his career.  He is currently a board member with the Zigler Foundation and the  Habitat for Humanity Kerr County.  An artist like his mother, Teak has worked with wood, stone, antlers, sculpture, painting, fused glass and silversmithing.   As a professional photographer, taking photos is one of his greatest passions.  His subject matter spans sports, landscapes, wildlife, and people.  A sampling of his work can be seen at  https://www.instagram.com/teakelmore/ . He was one of the original  Polocrosse competitors in the Hill Country back in the  early 90's.  After helping to establish Polocrosse in this area, he passed the reins to Liz and Cat.  Teak is terribly resourceful.  There's not much at camp he has not done when it comes to plumbing, electrical, cooking, water, septic, floods, fires, and varmints.  He loves sharing his knowledge and teaching when the opportunity arises.


Teak's wife, George Anne Robinson Elmore, ("G.A.") works as director of Short Term and assists Marsha with co-directing the Long Term sessions. G.A.  is a true camper at heart and is involved in all aspects at Waldemar. She dreamed about living at a camp some day since she had so many fond memories of her camping days. G.A. said  "Camp made me the person I am today. It gave me independence and accountability, and helped me believe in myself. It taught me that attitude is a virtue that is worth grabbing hold of because if you are around people with a great attitude, it just makes your whole outlook on life a little brighter. That's what I hope to do for others...it's a choice!"

Waldemar has become a part of G.A. and G.A. has become a part of Waldemar. She reaches out to the campers as well as the counselors, hoping to guide, teach, mentor, and encourage them along their journey.... oh! and she'll jump for the buses as long as she's able!


Shaylon Elmore, (Teak and G.A.'s sonwas raised in Hunt, attended Kerrville OLH and Tivy high school and presently attends  the University of Texas in Austin. He is affiliated with the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. He shows interests in all sports as well as art like his father and grandmother. Shaylon works along side his father in the summers experiencing all aspects of the business. Waldemar has helped Shaylon learn to get along with all ages from infants to 100+.  


Teak's Email: teak@waldemar.com

Teak's Phone Number: (830) 238-4821 ext. 227

George Anne's Email: ga@waldemar.com

George Anne's Extension: (830) 238-4821 ext. 228



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Linda Pipkin

Office Administrator

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Liz & Catherine

Horseback Department

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Katie Garza

Head of Recruitment

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Laura Pipkin

Executive Chef

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Robin Harrel

Office Administrator Manager

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Caroline Key

Program Director & Purchasing 

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Camp Store Manager & Buyer

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Graphic Designer & Photographer

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Head of Maintenance

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