Waldemar has an eclectic mix of architecture, with Adirondack and European influences. Each kampong, a South Sea Island word for "house on stilts," is the home of six to eight campers and one counselor who serves as the "mother" to the group. Our stone Kampongs are built on hillside overlooking the Guadalupe River.

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Each kampong features a private bathroom decorated with Spanish tile mosaics and Saltillo tile floors, a bedroom with four bunk beds, air-conditioning and a front porch or courtyard connecting other kampongs together. Every girl is awarded points daily for keeping her clothes and belongings in order as well as sharing in the other housekeeping duties.


We have three main divisions, during long term, that are determined by school grade. Kampongs are then grouped by the division. They will room with girls all classified the same grade. We refer to the youngest girls as "rising" 4th graders or "happy haveners."

Long Term


4th  and 5th Grade


6th and 7th Grade

Lo Seniors

8th and 9th Grade

Hi Seniors

10th Grade

Hilltoppers (graduating year as a camper)

11th Grade

When were the Kampongs built?

Happy Haven: 1935

French Chateau: 1938

Swiss Chalet: 1939

Ranch House: 1939

Bella Vista: 1940

Skyline: 1940

Alameda: 1941

Estrella: 1942

Greystone: 1951

Monterrey: 1952

K12: 1958

K14: 1958

K9: 1959

K11: 1959

K15: 1959

K10: 1962

K7: 1964

K8: 1964

K6: 1966

Las Brisas: 2002

We had  K "Woody's"that had to be replaced by Las Brisas. Three of them moved to the gully for tribal decoration shacks 

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