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The Waldemar Mission

Known today as the leading all-girls camp in Texas, our mission since 1926 has been to provide an opportunity for campers and counselors alike to reach their "finest self" while growing spiritually, mentally and physically. We accomplish this mission by hiring young women who have a sincere interest in serving as role models while also having qualifications and skills to teach in one or more of our 30 departments.

Counselor Responsibilities and Training

Your job as a counselor includes: spending time in a cabin with seven campers either as a primary counselor or a substitute, teach classes in the area of your skill and acting as a table hostess, among other things. Your enthusiasm and support of the campers in your classes, your cabin and at mealtime is instrumental to their happiness and growth. An intense three-day orientation will be held prior to campers arriving during which you will learn the traditions and heritage of Waldemar and what it takes to be a successful counselor as well as more about your specific responsibilities. We also offer pre-camp training in certain departments such as swimming, riflery and archery, which are mandatory unless you have a current certification. Please let us know if you have an interest in our training and would like to take advantage of this opportunity.

Teaching Assignments

Your teaching assignment will include five classes per day along with a free period. Depending on the department, you may teach with several other counselors or as the sole instructor. Also, your teaching assignment may include one to three different departments depending on your skills and our needs. Before you arrive for orientation we will send you a counselor bulletin on your specific teaching area, which we encourage you to familiarize yourself with and call us with any questions you may have. Head of Departments: During orientation you will be responsible for creating a 4-week lesson plan for your classes. We have some past lesson plans for your review. Waldemar provides all necessary teaching equipment.

Kampong (Cabin) Life

Most counselors live in a "kampong" with six to eight campers. Some live with other staff members in staff housing, but all will spend time in the campers' kampongs. Kampong life will include your presence at rest hour and overnight, supervising the twice-daily kampong cleaning for which the campers earn points and maintaining campers' record cards. Most importantly, you will be a role model to young women and through your example they will continue to grow in character. Each kampong counselor is entitled to one rest hour and overnight "off" each week after obtaining a substitute through the Camp office. Counselors without regular kampong assignments will be asked to "substitute" periodically for kampong counselors who request off time. In addition to time off during a rest hour and overnight, counselors frequently find short periods of time during off periods and choice nights to take a quick break. There is an on-site counselor lounge area with soda machine, lockers (locks not provided) and a TV with DVD player. Wireless networking is available for counselors who bring their own laptop computers.

Internship/School Credit

Working at Waldemar provides not only fun camping experiences but also valuable opportunities for professional training. Many colleges and universities have worked with us to provide internship/school credit to students who work as counselors. Students working at Waldemar learn skills such as team leadership, workplace camaraderie, event planning, people and project management, self-discipline and organization that continue to benefit them no matter what their chosen career path. In particular, many of our education and kinesiology students have found their work with leading a group of children, accurately keep their records and helping to develop camp programming helps them become better prepared for classroom or social service experiences. If you are interested in obtaining internship/school credit during your summer at Waldemar. please let us know. We will work with your school to pursue this opportunity and help you prepare for your future career.

Counselor Salaries

Your salary at Waldemar is based on experience and skill level. Each staff member receives a travel allowance, all necessary equipment and materials to teach their class, as well as room and board. Staff members with additional responsibilities such as Tribal Sponsors, Division Directors and those in charge of large departments receive extra compensation. A bonus is offered to those returning counselors and who recruit new, successful staff members.

Religion at Waldemar

Waldemar, although a private camp, is a Christian camp of the highest ideals and standards. Each camper and each counselor is expected to live up to these ideals as nearly as possible and to exhibit them in her camp life. Each Sunday morning everyone attends a non-denominational service, and counselors often are invited to deliver a message. For those who wish to attend Catholic services, a visiting priest holds mass prior to the all-camp service. In addition everyone attends Sunday night Tribal Vespers and Thursday night Tribal Hill programs. Evening prayer and devotionals focused on consideration for others; good sportsmanship and other character-building ideals are encouraged not only as a way to end each day, but also as a part of everyday life at Waldemar.

The Interview Process

We take pride in hiring the most highly qualified, exceptional staff for our camp each year. Our process begins in the fall semester with early bird recruiting and continues into the spring when we conduct final interviews. As applications are sent in, our hiring team reviews them. After an initial review, interviews will be set up to further qualify candidates. Final interviews will be conducted through phone or skype in the early part of the year. If you have any questions about our hiring process, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you! Apply today!

Table Hostessing

Waldemar takes great pride in continuing a tradition of fine dining. Meals are prepared by a gourmet chef. It is not unusual to be served a blackened salmon salad with chocolate souffle for dessert. Campers and counselors rotate through three table assignments per term where the counselors act as "table hostesses," serving and directing the meal. Each camper earns points for her dining skill and at the end of the seating period, receives a table grade from her counselors. In addition to two outdoor picnics each week, table hostesses may arrange for three substitutes during each seating period.