May 22nd, 2020

Dear Parents of 2020 Campers,


We hope your family is healthy and safe...  You cannot imagine how much you have been on our minds since all of this began.


Our Hope for camp to open came true, but with many, many restrictions and risks. This news comes with a painfully heavy heart, a lot of thoughtful prayer, and endless hours of preparing some type of camp experience for your daughters. We know you have heard other camps are opening whether with limited or full schedules.  We have an enormous amount of respect for the 25+ Texas camps that we have spent countless zoom hours with over the last 7 weeks openly sharing every conceivable idea and plan with the common love and safety of children in mind.  These other camps are like family to us, but in the end, we have to do what we feel like could be a manageable experience for our Waldemar campers and our Waldemar staff.  After the reality set in, we came to the decision that was most comfortable for us with the information and facts we have received during this pandemic.

We want to offer camp this summer to our Hilltoppers only! We’ll be in touch with you soon, Hilltoppers. 


I know many of you have dreamed of the day of when your daughter would dress in her whites, draw from the old cigar box and proudly state her tribe name to be welcomed with open arms by her new tribal sisters. That’s what we picture the first night of camp being like. It couldn’t be that way this year at Waldemar. With respect to the Waldemar traditions and love for this camp, it is best we start fresh next summer with the program Ora Johnson envisioned 95 summers ago.


With the endless documents, guidelines on social distancing, and CDC regulations that we have to put into place, we realized that no matter how excited we are to have camp this year, we would not be able to give our first year campers, returning campers or staff, the traditions and experiences we’ve all come to love..... the things that make Waldemar (Waldemar) and why it holds such a special place in all of our hearts.

Waldemar still remains unsure of the risks that could evolve at our camp, to our campers, our staff and our camp families who work here year-round, even with all of these precautions and guidelines in place.  Many of our most valuable staff have opted not to return or could not meet the CDC requirements due to compromised health issues or age restrictions.


Written from Katie Garza, ex-camper, sponsor, full time staff and Head of Summer Recruitment, and PS, she’s due with baby #2 in early August (pray for her):


“I feel like Camp Waldemar wouldn't be Waldemar if we had to stay with our kampong pods and socially distance while at camp - no tribes, no war canoe, no tribal softball, it’s not Waldemar to me.”


If you have to stay in your cohort / “pod” we wouldn't be able to have any All-Camp Events - no eating in the Dining Hall and meeting new friends, no carnival, no tribal hills, no dances, no field days... the list goes on. Yes, we could still have camp, but not Camp Waldemar. And believe me, we have tried to think of every way of having A NORMAL camp summer. Hopefully someday we’ll laugh at some of the ideas we tossed out.


I am so sorry. It is all too clear that COVID-19 has no target market and unfortunately you will have a far different summer than previously thought. We will miss a full house in 2020 more than you can imagine.


As a family, Marsha, Teak and I have had to make the hardest decision in our Camp Waldemar history. I cannot imagine what you campers are feeling right now. We are all available for you for any reason, during this new norm. I, for one, am happy to pray with you, FaceTime with you, Zoom with you... whatever helps! 


Our gate is still open, this doesn’t mean we’re closed. Call us to make a visit!


We know you have a million comments, but we again would ask for your patience and understanding as we try to navigate these difficult times.



Now go with peace and understanding and say

“Bless this Camp” aloud for all the world to hear.


We love you, 


GA Teak and Marsha Elmore



1st term Hilltoppers:

July 1-July 15

2nd Term Hilltoppers

July 17- July 31


With regards to deposits and tuition, we offer the following options and ask that you please contact Robin as soon as possible with your decision:


1. Consider Rolling over your deposit to 2021

2. Request a refund





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