We have campus representatives in the following universities that would be happy to answer any questions you may have about being a counselor at Camp Waldemar. Most have been counselors for at least two summers or are former campers. If you would like Katie Garza, Waldemar's staff recruiter, to come to your university please email her at waldemarstaff@gmail.com.

University of Texas in Austin

Abby Snelling: abbysnelling@me.com (2 year counselor, former 8 year camper & Tejas leader)

Lizzy Seay: elizzyseay@gmail.com (5 year counselor, former 7 year camper & Ideal Waldemar Girl Recipient)

Texas A&M University

Laura Hendricks: laura.hendricks@tamu.edu (3 year counselor)

Baylor University

Scarlett Smith: scarlettsmithphotography@gmail.com (2 year counselor & former 7 year camper)

University of Arkansas

Kelsey Rathbun: kelsey12r@gmail.com (2 year counselor & former 8 year camper)

University of Mississippi

Susannah Abernathy: susannah@abernathy.us.com (3 year counselor, tribal sponsor, former 8 year camper & Tejas Leader)

Austin College

Abbey Goodman: abbeygoodman99@gmail.com (3 year counselor, tribal sponsor & former 8 year camper)

Elon University

Sarah Jane McDonald: sjmcdonald98@gmail.com (3 year counselor & former 8 year camper)

University of Wisconsin

Lauren Bagwell: laurenpatriciabagwell@gmail.com (8 year counselor, former camper & tribal sponsor )