"Camp Waldemar is situated on the Guadalupe river eighteen miles from Kerrville in the heart of a five  hundred and eighty acre tract. Enter through the stone gates which are blended into the landscape by green lichens; skirts the river for a few hundred yards, takes the broad curve whose upward grade brings one to the elevated athletic field. Here like magic is revealed all the beauties of green turf, giant cypress disclosing natural setting, all enlivened by the riotous color of the flowers and the action of several hundred girls pursuing their various activities." - 1931 Bulletin


Our mission is to provide a wholesome and fun atmosphere, by combining a unique and valuable experience where each person can grow spiritually, mentally, and physically in becoming their finest self. The mission of Waldemar is simple and challenges all campers and staff who enter our front gates each summer. This mission was outlined with Waldemar's founding and we remain true to it today. Campers have the opportunity to fulfill this mission in every thing they do at camp each and every day.